Hydroalcoholische handgel 200 ml - 70% alcohol

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12,25 €

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- Contains at least 70% Alcohol (- recommended by the WHO1)
- Effective against Bacteria and Viruses (such as Corona Virus)2
- Free from Perfume
- Free from Allergenes
- Free from Preservatives
- Biodegradable
- PT1

The Disinfecting Hand Gel is an effective, unscented bio-alcohol gel fit for consumers and for use
in industrial and institutional sectors, and other places where optimal hand hygiene is required.

The Hand Gel contains a vegetable derived humectant to prevent dehydration of the skin. With a
70% ethanol content which is recommended by the WHO it is considered Effective against
Corona Virus. The formula shows quick and efficient performance versus a wide range of micro

The Disinfecting Hand Gel is an effective sanitising gel that ensures an optimal result while being
gentle on the skin. Thanks to the added skin-care ingredients, the product does not cause dry
skin and is highly suitable for frequent use.

Instructions for use:
Apply an appropriate amount of the Hand Gel onto the palm of your hands and rub onto the total
surface of your hands - for a minimum of 30 seconds for optimal sanitising – untill the skin is dry.
Wash soiled hands before using the Hand Gel.

1,2.: based on input from the KB of 18 March 2020

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